January 12, 2017 at 2:10 PM

From the heights of Snowdonia to the nightlife of Cardiff, Wales is an amazing country to explore by van.

There are several kinds of weather and climate-related factors that you need to bear in mind when driving here, though, as the guide below explains.

1. Mountainous terrain in adverse weather

Be careful when loading your van to ensure that weights are evenly distributed and choose tyres with good traction. This can make all the difference when you are trying to scale a snowy mountain.

2. The need for climate control

Wales can be very cold in winter, with temperatures dropping well below zero. High-quality heaters will keep everyone inside your van nice and warm. 

3. Rain

Wales is notoriously rainy, and so fitting your van with excellent windscreen wipers is key. Moreover, be careful of aquaplaning when driving in the rain in Wales as large puddles can form.

4. Strong headlamps

Check that your headlights are strong enough before driving in Wales, as the weather here can be very foggy, especially in the valleys. 

5. De-icer

Pack some de-icer in your van when driving in wintry weather. 

6. Emergency supplies

Especially when driving in remote or mountainous areas of the country, it is crucial to pack supplies such as a torch and batteries, a first-aid kit, and a blanket and a thermos of hot coffee in case your van breaks down. 

7. Air con

In summer, Wales can actually be scorching hot. So, a van fitted with air con (or climate control capabilities) is ideal for keeping all occupants nice and cool. 

8. Uneven roads and suspension

Rain and snow can lead to rural roads in Wales being somewhat uneven. So, check the suspension of your van before travelling to ensure a smooth ride. 

9. Mud

Choose tyres with good traction so that you can conquer those muddy Welsh paths with ease. 

10. Uneven roads and van linings

It can be worthwhile lining the interiors of any storage spaces in your van with some padding material (such as cork) so that the contents does not jolt against the bare metal walls of the interior of the van if you are driving down roads made uneven by the snowy, windy Welsh climate. 

Enjoy your trip!

Now you are all ready to drive your van in Wales. Keep the weather reports on so that you are not caught out by rainfall, snow or fog.


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