December 28, 2016 at 2:08 PM

Choosing the right size van is crucial if you want to get the maximum enjoyment from your new vehicle.

In addition, to the size, the shape of the van and the spaciousness of the various compartments (such as storage areas vs areas for passengers) will have a significant bearing on how suitable a given make and model of van is for your needs.

Below are 10 considerations to bear in mind when choosing a new van. Using the 10 points below as a checklist will help you to select the perfect van for you. 

1. Number of passengers

If you plan to transport more than a couple of people in your van you may prefer a double cab. 

2. Security

If you do not need significant security for your cargo, the wide open space of a flatbed will help you to transport bulkier items with ease. 

3. Use of the van

Will your van be used to carry people or tools? Will it be loaded to the brim or do you just want a vehicle that can carry you and your pets?

4. Parking space

How much space do you have at home and/or at work to park your van?

5. Access

Does your van need to be wheelchair accessible or does it need a ramp for loading goods onto? These features tend to require more space. 

6. Additional fittings

To ensure that you can transport bulky, heavy items (such as large metal rods) safely, your van will need to have space for some bulkheads that can keep them firmly in place. 

7. Insurance costs

Different sized vans can require different insurance packages, particularly when you consider the larger types of cargo that can be transported in bulkier vans. 

8. Driving license

Most smaller vans will be under 3.5 tonnes. That means that they can legally be driven using a standard (Category B) license. However, if you want to drive a larger van - i.e. one that exceeds 3.5 tonnes - it will usually be necessary to take out a Category C license. There may also be additional experience or qualifications needed for driving an articulated vehicle - not least because you need to be confident driving these. 

9. Trailers

The ability to add a trailer to your van will provide you with additional space if you need it. 

10. Linings

If you want to protect the interiors of your van, then it is a good idea to add in some protective linings to keep both your van and your cargo safe from bumps, scratches and other kinds of damage that can occur whilst on the road. Of course, the addition of these linings will slightly diminish the amount of space that you have left over in the interior of the van and so this is always worth bearing in mind when choosing a van size.


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