November 22, 2016 at 1:58 PM

Make your van as cost effective as can be with these 10 simple tips

Many people think that a van is more expensive to run than a car - but that need not be the case at all. There are plenty of ways to save money on operating a van, and below you will find ten handy ideas for doing so.

1. Learn basic van maintenance yourself

Changing tyres, checking oil levels and replacing wiper fluid is not difficult at all. So, rather than paying a mechanic to do so, just do these chores yourself. 

2. Shop around for insurance

Even half an hour spent comparing insurance packages can save you a wad of cash. 

3. Buy good quality accessories

In the long run, it's cheaper to purchase high-quality tyres, cushions and other accessories as they will last longer - and you will not need to pay to replace them often. 

4. Catch problems early

Check your van over at least once a fortnight to make sure that it's all running smoothly. Problems caught early are cheaper to fix.

5. Choose one of our fuel efficient vans

It's much cheaper to run. 

6. Wash your van yourself

This is actually fun to do in hot weather - and much cheaper than paying someone else to do it. 

7. Buy secondhand accessories

You can get great quality accessories such as stoves, child seating and so on second hand very cheaply. Just make sure it is durable.

8. Save money on hotels

A camper van, or a regular van with a fold out bed in, will save you hundreds of pounds when you go on holiday. No need to pay for accommodation when you have your own!

9. Van share

Use a van sharing scheme which enables you to pick up and drop off friends when you were going the same way as them anyway in return for a contribution towards fuel money. 

10. Use your van for your business

When you use your van either to advertise your business or as your means of transport to and from work it will not just save you money - it will actively be making you money with every mile. 

Saving money when operating a van is so easy

Just try the 10 tips above and you will be surprised how much money you can save. So why not start budgeting for that fantastic new van right now?


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