June 11, 2018 at 3:42 PM

Every van owners worst nightmare is having their van broken into, especially when using it for work. Not only can this lead to months of paperwork and stress with the police and your insurer, it also has a big effect on your job. If you don't have the money to replace all the tool thefts immediately, you could lose weeks or even months of work and this is when the real problems start, so taking steps to secure your van is essential. 

So what is the best van security available? In this blog, we are going to look at the best products out there to improve van security and stop you suffering from tool thefts and loss of work.

Van Vault equipment storage

While you should always take your most expensive tools out of the van at night or when leaving the van in the street for hours at a time, this is not always possible, and it is understandable that not everyone wants to go back an forth with heavy tools every day. This can be tiring, but there is another solution which means that even if your van is broken into, you can reduce tool thefts. 

Van Vault is a company that make secure chests in which you can store the most expensive tools, and will deter thieves straight away. These highly secure chests come in a variety of shapes and size, they also provide excellent security for tools in extreme weather conditions.


A fairly traditional product but nevertheless a good one, the Disklok is a real classic way to secure your van, and even the cleverest, most experienced thieves will struggle to make off with your van with a Diskok fitted. This anti-theft device is attached over the steering wheel each time you leave the van unattended, and can be made to order. Diskloks are highly recommended by the police and installing one in your van can even reduce your insurance premium because they have proved so effective. 

Electronic GPS trackers

This is one of the best in latest security technology to provide the best van security, and is yet another product that can reduce the cost of your insurance. If your van is stolen, you can instantly track its whereabouts with this clever electronic GPS tracker, and the thief will have no idea you even know about it, giving them zero time to hide from the police. The battery-powered vehicle locator by Tracker is an expensive gadget priced from £249, but is well worth the investment. 

Security film

This is a easy one, and it's quick and cheap to install. One of the main motivations for thieves to break into used vans is when the owner accidentally leaves valuables on display. This is an easy mistake to make, and we are almost all guilty of it, especially when in a rush with work. Leaving phones or power tools on display is common, but tapping the window with a dark security film so you cannot see into the van will get rid of this problem in an instant and hopefully help deter those nasty thieves. You might think that having an old, used van is enough to put them off, but seeing one simple valuable gives them reason to break in.



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