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What you need to know about Cornwall

Cornwall is a coastal land with lots of lush vegetation and breathtaking cliffs that run into the Atlantic Ocean. The region has double lane roads labelled most times as A and B but majority of the lanes you would come across will be narrow, as narrow as two cars not able to pass at the same time which would mean that one driver has to give way for the other so put on your patience robe when in Cornwall. 
It has the longest footpath in the whole of Britain which stretches for over six hundred miles. You may want to ditch your car for some time and explore this footpath. If you must risk a car, then you will need a used car.


Fast paced technology is ruining our pocket

Technology is always improving. It has come to the point where what seems in vogue at one moment becomes old-fashioned a few months later because of the pace technology is moving. In the past, people had enjoyed the glamour of posing with their newly acquired cars (needless to say these cars are acquired at such an exorbitant prices)
Today, that cannot be guaranteed. The moment you have acquired a car and think of posing with it, you view the commercials and see something better (who knows, we may get to the age where new brands are produced daily).

Used cars have withstood the test of time

Some cars answer 'new' for the sake of the time it was manufactured but when taken to the field, they fail woefully. It is from one problem to another. This is often rare with used cars because, like so many people working as a team, the parts have worked together for long that they blend. The former user must have kept touching it up till it got to a point where it has adapted to both the environment and toughened to withstand the ruggedness of its use.

A brief insight of tour locations

You can begin your tour with a visit to the Celtic crosses in Penzance which is the most famous artefact in the area. 
From there, drive about three miles towards the east till you get to St. Michael's Mount. The region houses important places worth a sight such as military fortress, pilgrimage sites and beaches. Ten miles from there through route A394 will get you to a market in Helston. Blue Anchor Inn will be a great place to spend a night or two.


Other areas which you may find interesting to tour

There are several other areas that holds marvels which would make you bite your fingers if you ever failed to visit them and they includes; The Lizard Peninsula, Cadgwith, Falmouth, St. Austell, Polperro, Bodmin, Chysauster, St. Ives, etc.
The best time to tour Cornwall would be the spring or summer so that you will get to enjoy the company of the green leaves which booms to their peak during those seasons and maybe take selfies to share with friends.



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