November 23, 2015 at 1:21 PM

If there’s one thing we Brits do well, it’s finding our way round travel brochures and travel websites.

Every year millions of us jet off to foreign lands in search of the sunshine. We’re not unique. The UK also welcomes millions of foreign tourists annually. These incoming tourists though, are more interested in our national heritage than the missing sun.

With a little thought, we can have the best of both worlds:

Most of us are entitled to at least four weeks annual holiday. Next year do something a little different. Two weeks touring the UK in your car and during winter, two weeks in the sun when we need it most. One week before Christmas, and one after the New Year will break up the long cold months, and help alleviate those winter blues.

For the first time in years we holidayed in the UK:

Some years ago I part-exchanged my old banger for the car I’d hankered after for some time. Nothing fancy, it was a second-user, two years old, but top of the range of the model I wanted. There were thousands of them on the road, but this one was mine, my baby.

It was also the first time for over 20 years that we holidayed at home. Without children to worry about, at the end of June my shiny new (to me) car was loaded with cases, road maps and booking slips. West Wales and the Pembrokeshire coast was our ultimate destination, an area I had enjoyed holidaying in as a young child over 30 years previously. And, shock and awe, nothing had changed; it was like going back in time, and all due to the Welsh National Parks Authority.

Since then, even though my pride and joy has been changed every few years, we have enjoyed at least one week a year touring the UK by car.

More options than any other holiday:

One of the big pluses of a driving holiday in the UK, is you can make it as expensive, or as cheap as you wish.

Camping can be one of the cheapest options. Most average family cars will hold a tent and equipment, even if you have a couple of rug-rats in tow. Campsites are everywhere in the UK, and almost all cater for young children. Booking a couple of days in one place and moving on to the next. Or, if the kids are enjoying themselves, so you stay a day or so longer.

Most B&B’s are cheaper than hotels, and again, you can be as flexible or as rigid as you like. Of course, if the love of your life happens to be a Roller, there are plenty of five star hotels around the country to do it justice.

There’s no better way to appreciate the UK:

Until we start driving around this beautiful country we call home, we really don’t appreciate what we have. Never a truer adage was said than; familiarity breeds contempt, when talking about the UK.

We have some of the most beautiful countryside and coastline in the world for all to enjoy, and the best way to see it is touring the country by car.


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