April 28, 2017 at 4:24 PM

Breaking down when out and about in your van can be an incredibly stressful experience. To make this sad event more bearable, it is a good idea to have a plan in place for such an emergency.

Below we offer the ten things you should do when your van breaks down on the road. 

1. Do not panic

Breathe deeply and try to stay calm. Keep as far to the left-hand side of the road as possible, or the hard shoulder if accessible, and switch those hazard lights on. All of this will help keep you safe. 

2. Get everyone out

If you have broken down on the motorway, get everyone out of the van safely on the left-hand side if possible. Stay together. If on a road, then it is safer to stay in the van. 

3. Make sure you are visible

When stranded by your van, it is very important that you remain visible. This is when keeping high visibility jackets in your van is a good idea. 

4. Safe on the motorway

Ensure everyone's safety by keeping away from the moving traffic. If possible, it is best to stand behind any safety barriers until help arrives. 

5. Call your breakdown provider

Once you have established that everyone is safe, you need to get help. Call your breakdown company, telling them exactly where you are, and how many passengers are onboard. 

6. If you don't have breakdown cover...

If you breakdown on the road, then you can phone the Highways Agency, who can organise a breakdown vehicle, but there is a fee, usually around £150. When on the motorway then you will need to access one of the motorway's emergency telephones. Again, you will need to give your destination. 

7. Leave your van alone

When you have broken down, don't be tempted to start investigating what has gone wrong, especially on a busy stretch of road. Wait for the professionals. 

8. Be patient

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. Keep safe and just wait until help is on the way. 

9. Use your red triangle

We do not advise using a red triangle on the motorway, due to the speed of traffic. However, when you have broken down on a normal road, it is highly advisable that you use your red triangle in order to alert other drivers.

10. Access your emergency breakdown kit

This is when planning ahead is vital, as you should have an emergency breakdown survival kit in your van at all times. This should include items such as blankets, bottles of water, a torch, a first aid kit and dry snacks. Keeping a phone charger in your van is also a great idea.

We really hope that you have found this 10 top things to do when your van breaks down on the road.



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