September 07, 2017 at 9:13 AM


There are common myths associated with driving that may or may not have truth to them. Hopefully the following will help dispel those pesky myths and help uncover the truth for all drivers. Warning: this may make you a better driver!

Myth #1: Women are worse drivers than men.

Truth: This myth is so common but it really is not true. This is due to the fact that there is no way of proving who is a better driver as there are so many factors involved. No gender is better. Being a good driver depends solely on the individual.

Myth #2: It is illegal to drink and/or eat while driving.

Truth: This myth is false. It is not illegal to eat or drink while you are driving. That does not mean it is recommended. Eating and drinking while driving can be distracting and could result in carelessness, which can get you into trouble. Always be smart if you try to eat and drink at the wheel.

Myth #3: It is illegal to have open alcohol while driving.

Truth: The simple answer is no. There is allowed to be open alcohol containers in the vehicle so long as it is only being consumed by the passengers. Furthermore, the driver must be a fully licensed driver and not a learner driver. 

Myth #4: Drivers are allowed to drive 10% over the speed limit without being prosecuted.

Truth: This myth is false. No matter how much a driver is going over the speed limit, they are liable to be stopped and prosecuted. While police often won't stop a driver going 1mph or 2mph over, it is entirely within their right to do so.

Myth #5: It is illegal to drive barefoot.

Truth: There is no law stating that one must be wearing shoes while driving. There is also nothing stating drivers are not allowed to wear flip-flops. Despite this myth being false, that doesn't mean one should be careless about what is on their feet as a driver's footwear, or lack thereof, can have an effect on their ability to drive safely.

Myth #6: Mobile devices cannot be used while driving.

Truth: This is a true statement. The use of a hand-held mobile device while driving is illegal. There are rules permitting the use of hands-free technology and sat navs so long as they do not require the use of your hands and are not impeding your vision. Once your hands are on the device, this could lead to a fine and the removal of points off your license.

Myth #7: It is against the law to smoke while driving.

Truth: The answer is both yes and no depending on the circumstances. If there are any under 18s in the vehicle then smoking is absolutely illegal. Otherwise, smoking is allowed when driving as long as it does not cause distracted driving.


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