August 08, 2017 at 3:07 PM

Buying a car for the first time is exciting. There is the excitement of being a new driver, the independence of where and when to travel and the pride in carrying your friends or family. Here is a list of things a new driver should consider before signing the cheque and receiving the log book.

1. Make a realistic budget
Buy a car that you can afford to service and pay for. If the nature of the transaction price calls for the leverage of financing, then ensure that your monthly budget can accommodate payments for a new car. Calculate how much you spend every month and spare some funds for your car.

2. Get the homework done
Come up with a list of cars you would like to buy. Also, research on ownership, insurance and fuel costs. Ensure that you check the cost of liability and collision insurance before buying your car. Compare deals before making your final decision.

3. Do not buy a used car without having it checked
In all the excitement, most first-time car spend all their funds buying the car, without thinking about saving for maintenance costs. Things to check in a used car are; mileage, signs of poor repairs, oil, engine, radio, the lights and windows, safety and tread and inflation of tyres.

4. Check for reviews online
Before purchasing our first car, take a look at what others have to say about it. Things like the speed limit, driver's comfort, maintenance and fuel consumption should be on your check list. Also, see what others have to say about your car dealer's services.

5. Do a test drive
Regardless of all the reviews, opinions and answers that you find online, it is still important to take a test drive. How do you feel behind the wheel? Examples of things you should look at are; wheel adjustment, outward visibility, steering comfort, seat height and control layout.

6. Have fun
Do not take the process of buying your first car too seriously. Enjoy yourself as you test the cars and do research. With so many cars to choose from and low financing rates, you will definitely find something for you!

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