November 21, 2016 at 10:37 AM


Have you ever calculated how much time you've lost looking for a parking space?

Finding a spot where to park in a busy city is a NIGHTMARE!

AutoExpress published a review of these apps that we decided to relay.

Some apps may help you.


Grade: 5/5

Comment:  The best of the best, includes info for EV as well, linked with Google street view


Grade:  4/5

Comment:  Easy sign-up, quick, a lot of information, live map requires an upgrade


Grade:  4/5

Comment: One of the simplest app to operate, however fairly slow in busy areas


Grade:  3/5

Comment: A simple car park payment app

Just Park

Grade:  3/5

Comment: Easy to use, decent amount of parking spots, doesn't offer live view


Grade:  3/5

Comment: A good app but limited to London, good and clear interface


Grade:  3/5

Comment: Limited number of parking options, lack of clarity


  Grade:  2/5

Comment: Long to load, disturbing sign up process, poor quality of information


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