March 27, 2017 at 10:19 AM


The Chancellor has put the fleet industry on alert after announcing he will reveal changes to tax treatments on diesel vehicles in Autumn

As the Chancellor said: "The Government is committed to improving air quality, and will consult on a detailed draft plan in the spring which will set out how the UK’s air quality goals will be achieved."

Why more money?

3 main points come out:

  1. Road funding
  2. Meeting Emission Standards
  3. Health issues

This additional levy as it seems to be will help respect these 3 objectives.

It is a known fact for those who have driven abroad that our roads are chronically undermaintained and underfunded. Potholes appear almost everywhere ultimately and many of our roads get flooded. This levy will fund an estimated £690 million road modernisation plan.

With the new Euro 6 emission standards, the government is trying to push people to invest in more eco-friendly vehicles.

Finally, health issues are a big deal, diesels are known to produce more Nitrogen Oxide than the rest of engines. Nitrogen oxide is known for being a catalyser to respiratory diseases.

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