November 21, 2017 at 8:59 AM

Insurer More Than (MORE TH>N) is hoping to deter speeding motorists by introducing 'cigarette-packet' style images of car crashes on UK speed limit signs.

The insurance company launched the safety initiative as part of Road Safety Week 2017 in response to 2,000 UK motorists surveyed about speeding. The survey found 62% of motorists admit they regularly ignore speed limit signs with 25% not deterred by the threat of a speed awareness course. 

The photographic signs sign concept was tested with the motorists as part of the study, with 58% agreeing the new signs would impact their driving. More Than are now looking for support from UK police forces for the "radical new idea" 

More Than’s global connected insurance director Kenny Leitch said: “While it may sound like a particularly radical idea to introduce visual deterrents alongside speed limit signs, our early research has shown that the adoption of a ‘cigarette-pack approach’ could be another way tap into the human motivations that can promote good driving and prevent speeding.”

Cigarette-packet warnings could be used to deter speeding


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