February 27, 2017 at 10:22 AM


The FTA reacted with disappointment to the LGA inaccurate claim that freight transport is responsible for potholes

The FTA has called on central government to increase spending on local infrastructure to curb the 14-year repairs backlog across the road network

Christopher Snelling, head of policy at FTA said “Freight levels on our roads are still not back to the pre-recession totals of 2006, so the LGA (Local Government Association) assertion that freight transport is solely responsible for the increased number of potholes on the country’s roads is incorrect”

The LGA seems to have a very limited knowledge of the laws of physics particularly in terms of weight repartition mechanics. HGVs have multiple axles spreading the payload evenly on the asphalt.

Snelling completed his speech by saying “For the LGA to make this sort of statement, instead of discussing the issue with the freight industry, is simply a cheap attempt to make headlines and pass over responsibility for an issue which sits in their remit. The real issue is the need for increased funding from central government to address the potholes problem nationwide.”

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