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When you are constantly driving your van, it is very important that you are prepared for any eventuality. Below we consider the 10 tools you should always have in your van.

1 Multi-head screwdriver

If you encounter any mechanical difficulties while driving, such as needing to tighten a screw, then you really need to carry with you a multi-head screwdriver. Just be sure to buy a variety of different sized heads, so that you can tackle any job.

2 Adjustable wrench

You will also need the ability to loosen any nuts and bolts on your van. Having an adjustable wrench on board is so very valuable. A simple 3 piece set should do just the trick.

3 Pliers

Pliers are an absolute necessity in helping you to grip those small and fiddly objects located in your van. Make sure to have an assortment of different styles and sizes that will tackle any job. A good selection is needle-nose, wire cutting and heavy grooved.

4 Hammer

One tool you must have is the good old hammer. An average claw hammer will suffice and will help you to get that tyre off, secure screws and other jobs that require some strength.

5 LifeHammer

A LifeHammer or alternative seatbelt escape tool needs to be part of your van's toolkit. It could literally save your life if you become trapped in your van following a road traffic accident. Just be sure to attach it near the driver's seat, secured with Velcro or tape.

6 Tow rope

Although this is obviously used for helping to tow your truck when you get stuck in a ditch or breakdown, this handy piece of toughened tow rope also has another purpose. It can function as a rescue rope, or tie-down rope in an emergency.

7 Jump leads

If you have ever broken down due to a flat battery, then you will know the importance of jump leads. Be sure to buy a good quality brand, not the type that plugs into your USB charger, as they are simply not powerful enough and will not last.

8 Tyre inflator and sealer

This tool can make all the difference when you find yourself with a flat tyre and then an even flatter spare. This will allow you to inflate and seal your spare, allowing you to use your spare in an emergency situation.

9 Tyre pressure gauge

Ideally, you should keep this is your van and check your tyre pressure on a weekly basis, especially during the colder months. Correctly inflated tyres ensure that your van is as safe as possible when on those icy and wintry roads.

10 Wheel jack

Finally, if you don't have a car jack in the boot of your van, then you will not be able to change your van's tyres. So, buy one and keep it in the boot at all times.



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