November 07, 2016 at 4:36 PM

If you are a van driver, the likelihood is that you will be using your vehicle for work is huge. If this is true, then the last thing that you want is to have problems.

This means that it could be off the road for serious maintenance or repair. Even if you don't use your vehicle for work, a van that is in for repair is something you will want to avoid. Here are some incredibly simple maintenance tips that you can do, to ensure that your van is running smoothly.

Oil and Coolant Levels

By failing to maintain obvious things like oil and coolant levels properly, you are adding to the cost of running your vehicle and increasing the risk of a breakdown. One of the areas that are vital to any vehicle is the engine. A periodic check on coolant and oil levels is simple, takes just a few minutes and will increase the reliability of the engine.

Tyre Pressure and Tread

The four parts of the van that are connected to the road are your tyres. It is, therefore, logical that you maintain their effectiveness to keep you travelling safely on that road. You need to have adequate tread to keep gripping in all weather conditions, and you also need to have the correct tyre pressure for when it is loaded and not loaded. Make sure you do this regularly. If you are not sure about the tread depth, then take it to a tyre specialist for advice.

Driving your van can have a significant impact on tyre life expectancy. Reducing speed on corners and braking smoothly will have a huge impact.


Washer Fluid

Always keep your washer fluid topped up and check on a regular weekly basis. A clear windscreen gives you a perfect vision of the road ahead. As well as topping up, check the jets for blockages. This is a simple maintenance tip that lots of van drivers forget about.


You lights get dirty, so why not clean them from time to time. This will make an enormous difference at night. It is also important to change any bulbs that are not working. Don't forget your indicators too. 

General Maintenance

Check that your security features are working, especially if you keep tools in the back overnight. If you maintain the outside of your van by having a regular washing schedule, this will make a lot of difference for your image. Potential customers will get the right picture if you turn up in a vehicle in pristine condition. It portrays an air of success.

The cleanliness also takes in the cabin, which should be maintained to a satisfactory level. This will ensure that when the time comes to sell, the value will be higher.

Vans are the workhorses of many self-employed and small businesses. It makes sense to keep them at a level of maintenance that ensures they will keep you and your company on the road. If you are using a van for pleasure, then the same rules apply. Good maintenance equals a vehicle that will rarely let you down.



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